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Bangarang 2.1 Release Notes

  • Many bugfixes inlcuding:
    • invalid soprano queries resulting in missing info boxes.
    • paths with ? weren’t accessible.
    • Play All didn’t respect filtered lists plus a few other bugs when lists are filtered.
    • rating multiple selected items weren’t sticking.
    • fields set to null when first clicked in the Info View.
    • crash when trying to play a dvd from the device notifier.
    • showing controls in full screen resizes video.
    • unsightly genre numbers
    • and more…
  • New command line switch to adjust interface to work better on touch based devices.  This includes larger touch targets, flick scrolling in lists, touch video to hide controls, enabling/disabling certain features and more. The desktop interface is unaffected by these changes.
  • ownCloud support.
  • New Recently Added lists
  • Drag drop of folders on playlist recursively adds media files.
  • Droplists with autocompletion when editing Artist, Albums, Genre, Actors, etc. in Info View.
  • Music Genres now open the albums view instead of the artists view.
  • Saved lists can now be exported to M3U files.
  • Playback controls use dark palette when in fullscreen mode.




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